Thursday, 28 November 2013

Chiropractic EMR software makes documentation easy

Chirowrite is well designed Chiropractic EMR software to make the documentation tasks easier. It works well on the touch screen devices such as tablets and touch screen monitors. You can use it on other systems also but touch screen increases the over all functionality of the software. Now you don’t need to invest huge time in doing the documentation by hand. Instead you can save your energy and time with Chirowrite. You can well store and file the documents related to patients, their treatment, financial bills and many other in a well planned way. You can review the same at any point of time without any problem. The design is HIPAA compliant. That indicates that it ensures the safety of the system by systematic logging and passwords. 

The first and foremost thing that a chiropractor needs is a medical questionnaire. It is required on a daily basis to fill in the record of the patient. Chirowrite is well designed to fulfill the need. Being accessible on tablets it gives the flexibility the chiropractor to conduct the physical examination of a patient while completing the medical questionnaire. He doesn’t require the help of some other person to use Chirowrite. He can well manage both the tasks at the same time. And this is made possible by well designed interface. The screen layout is smooth enough to fill in the details in a matter of few seconds. He can check out the details in the end and can provide the patient with the hard copy of the examination document.

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