Monday, 16 September 2013

Increase patient compliance by keeping electronic records

Patient compliance is the utmost thing in any form of medicine especially chiropractic. To cut down on time taking, paper record keeping and lack of interest on patient’s side in correctly reporting their history and previous treatment, revolutionary new software has been designed for the use of professional chiropractors. The software is known as chiropractic electronic medical records will help in maintaining a proper medical record as well as current status of the patient.

This software has been designed by keeping the needs of a chiropractor in mind. Experienced doctors from all over the country have helped in realization of this software from scratch. Top practitioners from the country have provided their valued inputs, with which the software has been made user friendly, customizable and efficient. The interface required by the software is touch interface. It has the capability to let the practitioner take detailed notes from the patients and feed it in the software. It allows for proper documentation and neat arrangement of patient records and needless to say it keeps the records intact for long durations. The device has a set of pre loaded questionnaires of the commonest questions asked in the history taking, to help the practitioner be quick in his assessment.  The data collected by this software is securely stored in the Microsoft SQL server that makes it a futuristic technology.

So if you are a practitioner looking to save paper and generate a quick and effective history sheet and want proper documentation for your treatments CHIROWRITE seems like the best option available.

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