Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Chiropractic EHR Software For Electronic Health Records

Our world has been radically transformed by digital technology – smart phones, tablets, and web-enabled devices have transformed our daily lives and the way we communicate. Medicine is an information-rich enterprise. A greater and more seamless flow of information within a digital health care infrastructure, created by electronic health records (EHRs), encompasses and leverages digital progress and can transform the way care is delivered and compensated. With EHRs, information is available whenever and wherever it is needed. Chirowrite by Softworx Solutions is chiropractic EHR software for health records.

As a scalable solution, Chirowrite EHR can be a fit for many different practice sizes. It can also serve the needs of a wide range of medical specialities. The system is fully integrated with Practice Management as well, allowing a seamless flow of information between the two systems. The system is kept current and up-to-date through inclusive system upgrades - not only in terms of functionality, but also in terms of industry and government compliance.

When fully functional and exchangeable, the benefits of EHRs offer far more than a paper record can. EHRs:

  • Improve quality and convenience of patient care
  • Increase patient participation in their care
  • Improve accuracy of diagnoses and health outcomes
  • Improve care coordination
  • Increase practice efficiencies and cost savings
Chirowrite EHR’s Appointment Scheduler makes calendar updates and appointment management much easier, while helping with insurance eligibility checking as well. The software’s document management system allows it to receive incoming faxes and lab results directly, keeping the relevant documentation fully accessible and organized.

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